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Mediawiki Maintenance!

April 30, 2013


Today I learnt my favourite SQL statement:  delete from exampleTable where id between 100 and 50000 After finding out that the mediawiki setup for had been compromised! I figured during setup that the wiki would be made open and free, hence making it easy for anyone to add content, and after trying to debug […]

Spring cleaning

June 7, 2010


Spring is a good time to do some cleaning, get those long forgotten paper piles out-of-the-way and clear the dust from under the carpet. Maybe not all those boxes will be crossed out but there is one thing that I think everyone should consider to do, not only now but frequently: that is to Clean […]

Led sequence with Arduino

May 11, 2010


So it has been a while since I informed to be starting to play with Arduino, it is quite simple if you know how to program using C, then you will have no problem here. This is not to discourage those new to this computer language or plain n00bs, if you recall from my first […]

Custom HTC Hero ROM that actually works (well)

April 8, 2010


For a while I have tried various custom ROMs for the HTC hero, in search of the android 2.1 version that actually works on the device. As the company seems to be pushing back the release date of the Update, I personally believe that they won’t actually provide any update because of the numerous devices […]

First Hardware DIY

March 22, 2010


Since the Arduino was obtained (a few weeks back), I have managed to spend some time researching and trying to create some electronics of my own. Arduino is essentially a microprocessor (a chip that can be programmed to do just about anything) on a board and can be used as a simulation device for many […]