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Data array export from Excel –> to your code (Basics)

April 9, 2011


Arrays are used in programming where the programmer requires data to be stored or preset data to be accessed for whatever reason. There are numerous applications for arrays and I will not focus at this point in explaining them, I will simply explain how you are able to transfer a data array from Excel to […]

Storing Data in Arduino – Basic

March 9, 2011


This is an untested code, but it should work in providing you with basic knowledge on how to store data on the arduino. The source file will be uploaded at a later data, and hope this should give you a basic idea of how you can store and access data through programming. A more in […]

Getting a day or more worth of battery on the HTC Desire HD or any android phone

November 3, 2010


This segment will cover the best way of optimizing the battery life of your Android device, through HTC Desire HD is the device focused here but this would be applicable to just about any android phone. Some settings or features may vary depending on your device but this should be a good starting point. The […]

Ubuntu 10.04 quite impressive

May 19, 2010


So just as I was starting to get used to Ubuntu 9 version and indeed enjoying this version of the operating system, they come updating with the newer version that is looking much better. I have to admit that I am a n00b to this OS, I have played around with it a little bit […]

Torrents and downloads

February 20, 2010


This is a short how-to on Torrents should give you an overview on what they are (to the best of my knowledge) and how you can get a a piece of software that enables you to manage them and get files transferred to your PC. First of all, torrents are available on many websites and […]

Learning Excel

February 7, 2010


If you want to start learning Excel, be it with any of the software available, the difference is negligible and the best way to start as I have mentioned on different posts: is to begin by trying everything out, click different things observe its behaviour or what happens when you click something. I will attempt […]

Web Browser Basics

February 2, 2010


Hey, so the basics for running certain things on a PC from the net are: Up to date Web browser, everyone knows Internet Explorer, but I’m not a big fan so you want to get Firefox from Mozilla: link: Please follow the video instruction below (your browser should at least be able to view […]