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Encrypt your Cloud Space

July 4, 2011


I have pointed out in the past of the great services online that allow users to upload their files and store them freely, such services include the infamous Dropbox which was among the first services used by me. It offers free space for just about any computer and provides great and easy synchronization functionality. The […]

Cloud Computing with Amazon ams – Free :)

June 8, 2011


Cloud computing is undoubtedly the future of computing, where most of the hard computing tasks will be assigned to. Eliminating to a certain extent the need for powerful personal machines to most consumers that need only a device to deliver them entertainment and other basic computing tasks. I remember a few months back taking part […]

Open Source Operating System Goodness

June 2, 2011


Recently I decided to finally update my Linux distros on my Virtual Machines, currently Back Track and Ubuntu being the most used. I use Virtual Box as my VM manager except for my windows XP VM which is still on Microsoft Virtual PC. On the Ubuntu side of things, I updated from the Long Term […]

The HTC Desire HD’s dubbed battery issue

October 30, 2010


Many users complain that the DHDs battery life is quite poor, that it can quickly go from full charge to discharge in about 7-8 hours on average, whilst there are others out there that mention experiencing usage of average 16+ Some blame it on a faulty device or malfunctioning in the battery unit, well I […]

Music streaming services

June 14, 2010


One great thing I love to do whilst online is enjoy some good music. Sometimes I am sure of what I want to listen to and other times anything goes. With so many music streaming services available now a days you are sure to find something that’s right and all free of charge. Let me […]

Sync files online with Dropbox

March 21, 2010

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You can easily sync files and/or folders online with this cool service called Dropbox. The service gives you 2GB of online storage and you download their software that creates a folder that it checks for updates and syncs it with your online account. This is handy because it gives the freedom from the need of […]

Build your own site

March 12, 2010


Lately with advancements in the web and technology people are now able to communicate in many different ways, from social networking to Blogs and websites. There are plenty of ways for people to share their views, instruct, and so forth over the web, that it has now become a necessity and indispensable for most. I […]