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Getting Extensions to work on Joomla running on Windows Azure

March 28, 2013


A recent project got me developing on Joomla running on a Windows Azure Cloudspace and this means a little learning curve. As I’m coming from Amazon AWS, I won’t go too much into detail  about the cloud computing services and platforms on this blog post but suffice to say that they work quite similarly. After a […]

Arduino Based Automated Lawn Mower (Alpha) – A final Year Project

August 9, 2012


It has been a while since I’ve updated this site here. I have been focusing on a new project that can be found over at But for now I am  finally able to offer you below a copy of my final year project: Automated Lawn Mower. I hope to soon breakdown relevant report aspects […]

Data array export from Excel –> to your code (Basics)

April 9, 2011


Arrays are used in programming where the programmer requires data to be stored or preset data to be accessed for whatever reason. There are numerous applications for arrays and I will not focus at this point in explaining them, I will simply explain how you are able to transfer a data array from Excel to […]

Storing Data in Arduino – Basic

March 9, 2011


This is an untested code, but it should work in providing you with basic knowledge on how to store data on the arduino. The source file will be uploaded at a later data, and hope this should give you a basic idea of how you can store and access data through programming. A more in […]

[Solved]Issues After OTA update 2.2.1 on HTC DHD

December 30, 2010


This is the same post entered over at xda-developers link: [QUOTE=skullnubien;10164788]Hi After the latest OTA update to stock Android version 2.2.1 the phone is now draining battery like crazy. When I look at the battery log, it shows that Android System using more than 30% of battery life and increases even when the screen […]

The HTC Desire HD’s dubbed battery issue

October 30, 2010


Many users complain that the DHDs battery life is quite poor, that it can quickly go from full charge to discharge in about 7-8 hours on average, whilst there are others out there that mention experiencing usage of average 16+ Some blame it on a faulty device or malfunctioning in the battery unit, well I […]

Spring cleaning

June 7, 2010


Spring is a good time to do some cleaning, get those long forgotten paper piles out-of-the-way and clear the dust from under the carpet. Maybe not all those boxes will be crossed out but there is one thing that I think everyone should consider to do, not only now but frequently: that is to Clean […]