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Gaming and autopause features as well as Door bell Mobile Notification – Made at the Hackathon

August 22, 2012


So the Hackathon weekend is way over, another picture from the event goes on the wall of fame: What did we make? Well my fellow hacker (in black t-shirt) and I teamed up to make a short game controllable from an Android smartphone and as you are using your phone’s accelerometer to turn this ship […]

The brain is Hard at work after a few cups of coffee. Hacking away!!

August 19, 2012


So it’s midnight and we are a few hours into coding our interconnected devices project here at the Hackathon. A few images below of our current workspace.

Arduino Based Automated Lawn Mower (Alpha) – A final Year Project

August 9, 2012


It has been a while since I’ve updated this site here. I have been focusing on a new project that can be found over at But for now I am  finally able to offer you below a copy of my final year project: Automated Lawn Mower. I hope to soon breakdown relevant report aspects […]

Data array export from Excel –> to your code (Basics)

April 9, 2011


Arrays are used in programming where the programmer requires data to be stored or preset data to be accessed for whatever reason. There are numerous applications for arrays and I will not focus at this point in explaining them, I will simply explain how you are able to transfer a data array from Excel to […]

Storing Data in Arduino – Basic

March 9, 2011


This is an untested code, but it should work in providing you with basic knowledge on how to store data on the arduino. The source file will be uploaded at a later data, and hope this should give you a basic idea of how you can store and access data through programming. A more in […]

Light Metronome Project

May 19, 2010


It has been almost three months that this project has been worked on (not full time), with the objective of creating a light metronome. A unique device that was built using the Arduino development environment and hardware. The first prototype pictures and a small video of the working device can be seen below, not much […]

Led sequence with Arduino

May 11, 2010


So it has been a while since I informed to be starting to play with Arduino, it is quite simple if you know how to program using C, then you will have no problem here. This is not to discourage those new to this computer language or plain n00bs, if you recall from my first […]