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Gaming and autopause features as well as Door bell Mobile Notification – Made at the Hackathon

August 22, 2012


So the Hackathon weekend is way over, another picture from the event goes on the wall of fame: What did we make? Well my fellow hacker (in black t-shirt) and I teamed up to make a short game controllable from an Android smartphone and as you are using your phone’s accelerometer to turn this ship […]

The brain is Hard at work after a few cups of coffee. Hacking away!!

August 19, 2012


So it’s midnight and we are a few hours into coding our interconnected devices project here at the Hackathon. A few images below of our current workspace.

Getting Ready for Interconnected devices Hackathon – at Google Campus London

August 18, 2012


The past year or so has been an exciting road in tech and expanding knowledge in the hacker sphere. Now I think it’s time for one to meet up with fellow hackers and nothing better than a weekend Hackathon. This weekend it’s over at Google Campus London and it should be 24hours+ of hacking and […]

Arduino Based Automated Lawn Mower (Alpha) – A final Year Project

August 9, 2012


It has been a while since I’ve updated this site here. I have been focusing on a new project that can be found over at But for now I am  finally able to offer you below a copy of my final year project: Automated Lawn Mower. I hope to soon breakdown relevant report aspects […]

[Solved]Issues After OTA update 2.2.1 on HTC DHD

December 30, 2010


This is the same post entered over at xda-developers link: [QUOTE=skullnubien;10164788]Hi After the latest OTA update to stock Android version 2.2.1 the phone is now draining battery like crazy. When I look at the battery log, it shows that Android System using more than 30% of battery life and increases even when the screen […]

Getting a day or more worth of battery on the HTC Desire HD or any android phone

November 3, 2010


This segment will cover the best way of optimizing the battery life of your Android device, through HTC Desire HD is the device focused here but this would be applicable to just about any android phone. Some settings or features may vary depending on your device but this should be a good starting point. The […]

The HTC Desire HD’s dubbed battery issue

October 30, 2010


Many users complain that the DHDs battery life is quite poor, that it can quickly go from full charge to discharge in about 7-8 hours on average, whilst there are others out there that mention experiencing usage of average 16+ Some blame it on a faulty device or malfunctioning in the battery unit, well I […]