About Technube

Technube is a website/blog I decided to create in order to provide assistance to close friends I know and ones I shall know over the web.

This is another space on the web where you can expect to find from how-to to personal views/reviews in the tech world or any other topic that may be of interest.

I believe that knowledge is something that is free and should be shared by all, so if you are able to assist in any way with your views or alternative solution, it is most welcome.

So the main topics you can expect to be covered here are:

  • Basic How-To
  • FAQs in general software
  • Tips and advise
  • Personal views on the Tech world
  • Random thoughts

I should be updating the site with fresh content a few times a month, if you need help e-mail me and I will do my best to promptly post the solution here and any other ideas that may come up.

I hope you find information on this site useful and if so please do share, as I say “Knowledge is for sharing”.

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